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Learning to Crochet


Learning to Crochet

If you read my last post you will know I have recently been learning how to crochet.  A friend and I loved the idea of being able to create our own blankets for our children and set off on a quest that at times has been both hilarious and frustrating but hugely rewarding...

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remains of the day

*please note this post contains a whole lot of 'nothing'

remains of the day

The weather has been all over the place recently, true to British form, and I've found it really frustrating.  I've got loads of little projects that I want to get started on (or finish) in the garden but the rain hardly holds off to do anything.  The children and I will snuggle up on a Sunday afternoon with a Harry Potter film (oli's favourite but only ones with Dobby in!) tucked into throws and blankets when the sun will decide to shine at full pelt making us feel the need to be outside again; on go shoes, out goes the washing and within half an hour we are all back in again!

So you would think that the minute the sun made a good appearance that looked as if she may linger for the day I would be out there like a shot with all my good intentions but instead I did the unthinkable...


From the Garden

The little things in life

From the Garden

We are starting to reap the rewards of our labour of love in the garden.  The children have delighted in picking radishes and lettuce from the raised beds and have been keen to try everything.  Oli was bewitched by the bright red radishes but has since discovered they are not to his taste!  Granted, we are far from 'the good life'; no man, woman and 3 children can live off the scent of roses, a few radish and lettuce alone but...

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A very Good Friday

Prawn and Mussel Linguine

A very Good Friday

I can't get over this fabulous weather, It's been so hot here over the Easter holidays that it's felt more like summer than spring.  Once again, we've taken full advantage of the weather and have been eating most of our meals in the garden and yes that means A LOT of barbequing; but as it's traditional to forgo meat in favour of fish on Good Friday I decided to do a very simple mussel and prawn linguine which was perfect for the whole family on a scorching lazy day...

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