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Hello, welcome to Lulu Loves Crochet and Craft Blog. Writing about my crochet and craft projects and sharing free crochet patterns and tutorials.

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Crayon Hearts

Re-love your old crayons

Crayon Hearts

It's half term again, we've looked forward and waited for it and it's raining!  All our plans have gone out the window (well they've sort of hovered by the windowsill - it's too wet for them outside!) and I'm left wondering how to keep three children between the ages of 1 and 10 occupied?

We've found lots of arts and crafts projects that are cost free on the internet, and a surprising winner with my children has been creating these lovely heart crayons...

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My Valentines 2011

A Family Affair

My Valentines 2011

We love any excuse to celebrate in this house so when Rob offered to cook something special for Valentines Day everyone got very excited, yes it became apparent very quickly this would be a family affair! And why not? Valentines is about love and, failing a surprise romantic trip to Paris, what better way to spend the evening than surrounded by the people I love the most.

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An Afternoon Ramble

Old Wardour Castle

An Afternoon Ramble
Saturday started out as a pretty miserable sort of day! The weather was not great and the husband had to make a delivery, after wondering aloud what I was going to do with the children he offered 'why don't you all come with me and we'll have lunch then find something to do?' well I was not going to pass a challenge like that, this being my favourite type of expedition; no planning, no expectations and no wondering if the weather will hold off. We were packed up and in the car quicker than he could say 'after you'! So that was how on a grey afternoon we found ourselves rambling around the wonderful Old Wardour Castle. 

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Lulu Loves - A New Blog

Welcome to Lulu Loves

Lulu Loves - A New Blog

So here we are again, it's January, normally this time of year I feel a little sad having said goodbye to the festive season, overindulged, overspent and returned the children to the hectic routine of school, nursery, classes and homework. But not this year, this January I'm making a change, and that is optimism! I am going to embrace everything that is good about my life and seek comfort and happiness wherever I can find it.  This blog is the first step on that journey, it will be a self indulgent outlet where I can ponder over the things I love most; my family, history, books, cooking, crafts, fashion and anything that takes my fancy really! 

Feel free to stop by anytime and say hello. Emma xx

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