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My Crochet Patterns. Some of these patterns are free for you to use but please don't copy them directly or reproduce them. Unless otherwise stated I am happy for you to sell the items you make from these patterns as long as they are handmade by you (not commercially.) If you do sell these items online it would be great if you could credit the pattern source (this website).

Paid patterns can be purchased through RavelyEtsy and Love Crafts

Many thanks for your support. Emma xx


Crochet Pattern - Egg Cosy

My first pattern...

Crochet Pattern - Egg Cosy

I can't believe it's March already, it seems like only yesterday I was feeling that post Christmas drag and thinking Spring would be ages away - so Hooray for Spring!

I've been asked if I could make some egg cosies so I have been playing around with patterns. The first pattern I tried was from one of my books, it was a simple pattern but because of the yarn/hook I was using came out the size of a barbie hat (which is what it's now being used as) so I gave up and did my own thing instead...

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