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Elastic Band Wrists

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Elastic Band Wrists

Lulu is the baby of the family and it is pretty much decided that she will remain so! So I have been enjoying every aspect of her infancy, but, and i suspect this is true of many youngest children, she is being influenced heavily by her older siblings and has raced ahead into toddlerdom and beyond.  This, as wonderful as it is to watch, makes me a little sad.

Sad because for every stage she moves into there will also be a final farewell to what she's left behind, cots, nappies, rattles, baby grows etc.  Sad because I will never again experience those first precious moments when you are handed your newborn, the baby you created, carried, longed for and dreamt about.  But as time moves forward I am also reminded frequently by my childrens presence to be thankful...

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