Myboshi Yarn Review

Myboshi Yarn Review

Just before Christmas I was kindly sent some myboshi yarn to try by DMC Creative World. I'll admit I was drawn in by the story of the founders, Thomas Jaenisch and Felix Rohland, who caught the crochet bug whilst on a ski instructor exchange to Japan...

Since then they have launched the myboshi range of yarns and patterns all focused on creating individual beanies (boshi - means beanie in Japanese). The myboshi concept is now distributed in many countries around the world with over 160 tons of yarn sold in two years whilst their facebook page has over 47'000 fans sharing their creations. Such an incredible success for two guys who only learnt to crochet in 2009!

I was sent three balls of the brightest yarn I have ever seen. Though probably not colours I'd pick for myself if I ever make it to the slopes I'm sure anyone within a close range will be grateful to see me coming :) The chunky yarn is available in a fantastic colour range (not just brights) and made from 30% merino 70% acrylic. I followed the basic beanie pattern from the small pattern leaflet they sent in a size medium with the recommended 6mm hook. My beanie was a very snug fit, so if you crochet tight you may want to go up a hook size for these. The yarn was easy to work with, if a little splitty, and as promised within a couple of hours I had a bright, warm and very individual beanie.

If you have been crocheting for a while you probably won't benefit much from the small guide, which includes patterns for two simple beanies and an ear warmer. I followed the pattern exactly even working my colour changes into the slip stitch which I found a little untidy. But if you like crocheting hats or are looking for a beginners project certainly have a look at their range of yarns, you can really do your own thing with the designs but even if you stick to the basic patterns you will end up with a fabulous, unique, handmade-by-you boshi.

MyBoshi - Lululoves

Now can you imagine who took an immediate fancy to this brightly coloured beanie?


Yep - My boshi is now Lulu's boshi (even if it is too big for her) :)


I took these photos just before school this morning - it was grey and foggy, she looked like a cheery beacon wearing her neon beanie :)



More information on myboshi can be found on their website or you can purchase the yarn at various stores throughout the UK.

Bye for now. Em xx

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this review, I was sent the yarn to try by DMC and this is my honest opinion of it :)

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  • RedSetter


    22 January 2014 at 00:38 |
    Great hat, and I love the colours Lulu's taste is spot on!
    • Lululoves


      22 January 2014 at 11:49 |
      Thank you - she definitely has a strong sense of her own style! Em xx
  • Annette My Rose Valley

    Annette My Rose Valley

    22 January 2014 at 05:43 |
    I am amazed by this story too. After two weekends of skiing in GStaad I've already seen at least a dozen MyBoshi's... Iguess this was a great Christmas gift this year. Good for the boys. Somehow I wish I had come up with that business idea. Ha ha ha. Why is it always men who gets these things going, I wonder.
    Lulu looks lovely in her hat and can TOTALLY understand she loves it. What is not to love? Bright and cheerful.
    My Rose Valley
    • Lululoves


      22 January 2014 at 11:48 |
      Thank you Annette, she adores it :) I know exactly what you mean about the business idea, I make loads of hats yet it never occurred to me...good on them, anything that brings crochet to a new audience is a good thing for us all. Em xxx
  • Caroline


    26 January 2014 at 21:19 |
    i was really pleased to see the myboshi on your blog.
    I have bought the yarn and basic pattern book and have tried to do a couple of basic hats as yours for my kids - but I am really struggling with get an even colour change - each time a part of the diffterent colour ends up in the next row. i have tried to do a couple of things but without totally success each time.
    Any tips gratefully appreciated!!
    • Lululoves


      04 February 2014 at 11:12 |
      Yes I found this too - especially with changing colour through the slip stitch - I usually introduce a new colour by pulling it through the last stage of the final stitch of that row. You still get a slight step but not normally so noticeable - try googling 'crochet seamless colour join', there are lots of different tutorials. Em xx
  • Angela bradshaw

    Angela bradshaw

    27 January 2014 at 15:47 |
    Hi there love this hat its gorgeous. Is there a link to the pattern? I'm new to crochet and am only doing granny squares but want to try something different. Your work looks great!! Many thanks Angie ☺☺
    • Lululoves


      04 February 2014 at 11:13 |
      I don't have a link to this one - sorry - the pattern was featured in last months Simply Crochet Magazine though if that helps? Em xx
  • kara


    28 October 2016 at 12:22 |
    I am just getting into crochet and was looking for inspiration... my girls have just seen this beanie and now its the only one they want. Sadly I can't find the pattern anywhere. I am going to try to buy the back issue.

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