Vintage Christmas Star Wreath Tutorial

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath Tutorial

*Guest post*

It's starting to feel a bit festive around here. So I'm really excited to share this guest post from Interflora on how to create this beautiful vintage star Christmas wreath...

Deck the halls in style this year with a pretty pastel colour scheme inspired by all things vintage.

And what better way to get the look than with a fabulous festive wreath? Whether postitioned pride of place on your front door or hung over the mantelpeice, it's sure to be a cheery sight all throughout the Christmas period.

Here's how to make one in 10 easy steps...

You will need:

5 cornus branches or bamboo canes

Floral Foam 

Spruce and holly 

Pink zantedeschia 

White roses and Pink carnations 

Red oak leaves

Eringium thistle and Red hypericum berries 

Calla lilies 

Ivy and Moss 

Lace ribbon 

Strong wire and scissors 

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

1. To begin with you'll need to create the framework of the wreath. To do this cut 5 equal lenghts of cornus branches (bamboo canes would work just as well) and lay on a surface in a star shape.

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

2. Using strong wire bind each point and the crossover sections securely to form a rigid frame. Place moss around the branches and wire on to the frame. You only need do this for the outline of the star.

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

3. Cut sprigs of spruce and wire onto the frame to cover the central crossover points.

TOP TIP: Try using seasonal follage from your garden.

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

4. Next, add a mound of floral foam to the centre of the star and secure it with wire. 

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

5. Using sharp scissors cut the rose stems short and at an angle and insert them into the wet foam. 

TOP TIP: To reduce the cost of making your wreath you could substitute the roses for gerberas, a less expensive flower variety which is still available in a wide spectrum of colours.

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

6. Repeat this action with the carnations. 

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

7. Next, add the red oak leaves, thistle and springs of hypericum berries. 

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

8. Cut the Calla lily stems and insert those into the foam, following the lines of the star shape.

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

9. Now, take a length of ivy and thread this loosely through the design using florist’s wire to secure it into place. 

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

10. To complete the look, add a lace ribbon to the top and create a hoop from which to hang your finished design. 

TOP TIP: Keep your garland looking fresh by regularly misting it with water. If kept in the right conditions the flowers and foliage should be long lasting, however you can always replace any as they get past their best. 

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - How to

Vintage Christmas Star Wreath - Tutorial

Wow! I am just in love with this wreath, I will definitely be giving this a try. We always make a Christmas wreath, although ours are usually far less elegant. This one seems simple to make and uses lots of bits you can find in the garden. But if you would rather leave it to the experts have a look at Interflora’s Designed to Order service where their expert florists can take your brief and create something unique, either for your home or as a gift, based on favourite flowers, colours or style and budget.

Thank you Interflora for sharing this gorgeous tutorial.

Bye for now. Em xx

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this post. I have shared it as I was excited about creating something beautiful with a little help from the experts and thought maybe you would be too.

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