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My Crochet Patterns. Some of these patterns are free for you to use but please don't copy them directly or reproduce them. Unless otherwise stated I am happy for you to sell the items you make from these patterns as long as they are handmade by you (not commercially.) If you do sell these items online it would be great if you could credit the pattern source (this website).

Paid patterns can be purchased through RavelyEtsy and Love Crafts

Many thanks for your support. Emma xx


Free Crochet Pattern - Lacy Headscarf


Hello! I'm finally back with a new free crochet pattern. I say 'new' but I designed this pattern back in 2014 for my column in Inside Crochet (issue 55) but I've had a lot of requests for it recently so I've re-worked it and neatened it up and bit and voila a 'new' old pattern - and I must say it is a perfect one for these hot days we've been enjoying...

Free Crochet Pattern - Lacy Headscarf | Lululoves Blog

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Crochet Hanging Heart Video Tutorial


Hello! Can you believe it is still January!! Only just though... and I for one am looking forward to ANY reason to celebrate at the moment. With that in mind I am getting ready for Valentines Day by whipping up my lots of my ruffle hearts...

Free Crochet Pattern - Ruffled Hanging Hearts | Lululoves Blog

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Crochet Snowflake Coaster Video Tutorial


Hello! Well that's it, tomorrow it's FINALLY December! To celebrate the approaching festive season (and the end of the longest year ever!) I have filmed a tutorial for these simple christmas snowflake coasters...

Crochet Video Tutorial Snowflake Coasters - Lululoves Crochet

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Free Crochet Pattern - Daisy Granny Square

Hello - In honour of August I've been making these gorgeous Daisy Granny Squares. I'm so happy to be able to share the pattern for them...

Free Crochet Pattern - Daisy Granny Squares | Lululoves Blog

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Free Crochet Pattern - Lacy Headband

{and video tutorial}

Free Crochet Pattern - Crochet Lacy Headband  

Hello, I’m popping on today with another easy and FREE crochet project – my Lacy Headband pattern. This beautifully simple crochet headband uses a very simple pattern repeat and is joined on to elastic hair ties so will most head sizes…

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Crochet Pattern: Solstice Bunting


Hello! How is everyone? I must admit I've been a little off my crochet game recently, lockdown has got my head all fuddled! However, I have managed to crochet some more pretty bunting and I'm so happy to share the pattern for my Solstice Bunting with you...

Crochet Solstice Bunting Pattern | Lululoves

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Crochet Collar Video Tutorial

{14.02.20} Happy Valentines!

Hello, Happy Valentines Day 2020! I love valentines day, even though I'm basically an old married woman now ;) I love the idea of romance and any chance to decorate with hearts and candles! I thought today would be the perfect day to upload my very first video tutorial for my crochet collar pattern...

Lululoves | Video Tutorial How to Crochet a Collar 

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