February 24, 2012

Crochet – Jar Cosy

Whilst browsing Pinterest a while back I came some gorgeous pictures of crochet jar covers used to turn old jars into tea light holders and promptly put them on my ever-growing list of things to make, after a little hunt of the internet I managed to find one that I liked the look of.  

I was so pleased with the result that after the first one I got a little addicted and carried on making them…

Jar Covers

I must admit I couldn’t wait for an empty jar to get started on this so grabbed an unopened jar of olives from the cupboard and began.  I had just slipped the cover over it to see how it was fitting when Rob walked in.  I think he was a little disturbed as he asked in quite a serious tone: ‘Emma what are you doing?’ to which I obviously replied ‘oh I’m just making some jar covers aren’t they pretty?’ I’ll admit he did look worried for a minute I think he was having a ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ moment where he imagined opening the cupboard and seeing all the jars and tins lined up in pretty covers – Scary eh? (and also completely unpractical)

Anyway this is a gorgeous pattern and makes empty jars look fabulous (or full jars if you are so inclined).  You could use them for so many things once they are all dressed up; pencil holders, crochet hook holders, cultlery holders… I’m looking forward to taking mine out to the garden in the summer and having them dotted around the eating area – Pretty!

You can use any yarn and I’ve seen some gorgeous jar covers made up with wool/acrylic but I used a cotton yarn for mine and I think it makes them look a bit more delicate.

So here’s the link to the pattern If you fancy having a go. Thank you to www.naturenutnotes.com for posting it! ♥

Edit 27/01/15* The link no longer takes you to a free pattern but will guide you to a link where you can purchase the tutorial for these crochet votives.






Bye for now. Em xx

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